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Social & Educational Upliftment Society was registered with the Registrar of Societies, New Delhi in 2002 as a non-governmental organization to promote equitable social and educational reconstruction of society.

The organization is based in New Delhi with a national mandate.

Social & Educational Upliftment Society is a movement for Economic, Social and Political Empowerment. While working for underprivileged communities, we realized that the key to their socio-economic and political empowerment is enhancing access to quality education. We observed that children from poor families are doubly disadvantaged. They are materially poor as well as deprived of education which is necessary for a bright future and is the sole means to help them rise out of poverty. Poverty compels children to earn for a living, deprives them of nutrition, education and childhood. Our mission is to educate and train children and youth so that they can earn their livelihood and live a dignified life.

We also conduct programmes and events to create awareness about community health, cleanliness and hygiene, legal rights and duties.

Pilot Community

We chose Bachhraon, a small town located in the District of Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, as our area of operation. It is about 120 kms. from Delhi, and is located near the Gajraula Industrial area. The town has a population of more than 80,000 people. The main source of livelihood of people in Bachhraon is agriculture and related occupations. Bachhraon, unlike other townships, has a very developed infrastructure. Its roads, water supply and drainage system are adequate to cater to the needs of local residents. Unfortunately, the region lacks modern educational opportunity, healthcare facilities and viable employment opportunities. Hence despite the developed infrastructure, the local residents live in abject poverty. It does lie close to the Gajraula Industrial Zone but the local residents of Bachhraon have not been able to take due advantage of the jobs created there. We chose Bachhraon as our pilot community for the following reasons-

  1. lack of socio-economic development
  2. community support- right from understanding the importance of education, eagerness to improve their situation and active participation in the development process
  3. adequate infrastructure to carry on our projects smoothly

We, as an external agency, are trying to enable and facilitate an educational and social process by providing material help, external expertise and resources. We are trying to fill the developmental gap created in Bachhraon due to lack of education, vocational training and healthcare facilities.

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  • Social & Educational Upliftment Society
  • Regd. Office:- 272, TTI Road, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi
  • Branch Office:- Diwan Khana, Bachhraon, Amroha-244 225, Uttar Pradesh
  • +91-9811316345
  • info@seus.in

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